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Home of the Detective John Bowers Police Procedurals

Pulp fiction’s contrived shoot-outs, split personality serial killers and neighborhood terrorists are the bane of Detective Sgt. John Quincy Bowers, a 43 year old Bureau veteran working the Portland homicide scene. Stepping on feminine landmines and dogging a perp whatever the cost add up to gritty drama, steamy sex and hands-on forensic sleuthing in the City of Roses.

Bowers casts a big shadow. An Oregon native and former Pac Ten lineman, he’s a stubborn, old-school cop with a street-hardened addiction to a job he sometimes loves to hate. He’s not an alchy, not looking for a lost meth-head daughter and not in a trauma fog from his tour in Nam. He’s a straight-up guy, single again, no kids and no bad habits that carry a maximum sentence. The only thing he’s recovering from is blonde and cost him his furniture, his drift boat and his motivation in the split. Hanging out at the Buzzard Café, a pit stop for vets, wannabes, has-beens and New Age misfits like Bowers, he rails at the politically correct injustice in his life while waiting for another shitcan case.

But now John has a new partner – Betty Boop with a nine millimeter on her hip. She’s Minola Raye, a curvy, gung-ho, New Orleans Creole who can make a man’s middle-age crisis something to look forward to. She drives like Evel Knievel, shuns his greasy-spoon pig-outs and challenges his white-loaf, Boomer philosophy with the zeal of a terrier in a tub of garter snakes as they track down the City’s A-list killers.

John Bowers’ life on the streets is suddenly a whole lot more interesting.

Ray Bates Mysteries
Police Procedurals for True-Crime Junkies and Mystery Buffs

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Tracking a call girl's killer through Portland's sleazy sex trade, John uncovers a police bureau prostitution ring.....
Babylon Blues
It’s 1994, and veteran homicide detective John Bowers teams up with his partner Minola Raye to solve another grisly murder in Babylon.....
The Camelot Club
Bowers and his partner Minola Raye are on the scent of a pedophile ring and trying to solve a case even his professional betters .....
Pontiac Pirates
The victim is young, engaged to be married to her high-school sweetheart, obeying all the rules to keep safe when her life is .....



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